Hi my name is Dr.Elsa Stokes it is with great pleasure to meet you, I believe God has brought you to this website to discover how wonderful he is and how you are protected by his Holy Angels. I want to start off by telling you, that I was born with the gift of prophecy and believe we all have this gift and all we have to do is get closer to God to hear his messages and what is best for our life. I am currently writing a book titled ” From New Age to Jesus Saves” An Intimate walk with God” this book is filled with insightful information on how God wants us to follow him and his teachings and that we are not to compromise this in anyway. In this book you will discover how we can be fooled by the enemy and the price we pay for it and so much more. We can have a direct connection with our creator our Lord, we have been bought with a price.

Look out for Teaching Workshops soon.

Elsa singing In the Arms of an Angel